Health-Med Center specializes in Primary / Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine serving the South Florida area. We perfom preplacement physicals and drug testing for the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Maritime industry..

Primary / Urgent Care / Occupational Medicine

-Primary or Urgent Care please call to make an appointment do not book online.
-Preventive / Executive physicals.
-Female Preventive / Cancer Prevention / Pap smears
-On site dispensing of medication for your convenience
-Approved Doctor MCA/UK,Norwegian Maritime Directorate,Senior FAA/AME, Certified Civil Surgeon/ USCIS, OGUK.MRO etc.
-Travel Vaccination Center, certified yellow fever vaccination center
-Maritime Medicine / PEMEs.
-On site Xrays,EKG,Audiogram etc.
-Medical Review Officer...DOT Certified Drug Testing.


Aviation Medicine/FAA Senior AME/ Class 1,2,& 3

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Department of Homeland Security
Dr Grenet (Certified Civil Surgeon) Fast and accurate completion of your application paperwork. Appointments can be scheduled within 24 hours. Vaccines and X-rays on site if necessary


Travel / Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

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